A Band of Orcs came to your miserable Earth-Realm because some doomed nerd rolled "A Band of Orcs" on a random encounter table during a Role-Playing Game and inadvertently summoned the tusked savages through the Ohlone Vortex in Santa Cruz, CA. They promptly slaughtered the kids playing the game, but were entranced by the deliciously demonic and hellish sounds of Slayer's "Raining Blood" coming from upstairs.  There they found Jed jamming on his guitar, headbanging. There Jed was spared, so long as he pledged to teach the WarChiefs the magic of Metal. Since that wyrd evening, A Band of Orcs have released the 2007 EP "WarChiefs of the Apocalypse" (Grimpire Entertainment), the 2012 Full-length concept album "Adding Heads to the Pile" (Itchy Metal Entertainment), and went on the 2013 Madness at the Core of Time Tour with Iron Reagan, White Chapel, and the mighty Gwar, in what fatefully turned out to be among the immortal Oderus Urungus' last raids on Earth. May the Scumdog Ancestors receive him...Hail Gzoroth!!!!

featured spared ally